How to learn a language

One of the many questions I get asked is “how did you learn so many languages?”  I speak native English; fluent Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Catalan; proficient Portuguese, Yiddish, and Italian.  And I’ve also studied, to varying degrees, Persian, Basque, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Hindi, and Welsh.

This question is an important one, but one I often find I don’t have the time to answer adequately at a party on a Friday night.  Learning so many languages takes time, effort, and passion.  And whatever answer I could give in 30 seconds won’t suffice to actually help you learn a language.

Which is why I’m offering a virtual course: “How to learn a language”.  In addition to learning all these languages (and more to come, I’m sure!), I have also been teaching them for over 15 years.  As a private tutor and as a classroom teacher.  I know how to learn a language in part because I didn’t grow up with any of these languages.  I had to learn them, which means I know some tricks that can help you learn.  This is why I’ve been an effective tutor for all ages- from the 6 year old son of a Congressman to a 65 year old man taking Spanish at my university.

This new course will teach you the secret to learning any language.  So even if your target is Korean and I don’t teach it, I will help you discover how to learn it.  And any other language you want afterwards.  It’s a lifelong investment with a return so awesome you can’t put a price tag on it.

The class will take place over Skype once a week for an hour over the course of eight weeks.  We will talk as a group about our shared hopes and goals and I will teach you the skills you need to move forward.  I will follow up with each individual student to help create a customized learning plan.  So that by the end of the course, you haven’t just learned how to learn a language, you’ll come away with a concrete road map for what to do next.  So you can start bargaining in the shuk in Hebrew, jamming to Arabic pop songs, or traveling to Latin America.

Here are the details:

Start date depends on enrollment, but aiming for February 3** (revised from original post)

Sundays 1pm-2pm ET/8pm-9pm Israel Time (we’ll do a group poll to finalize scheduling and if need be, I may open alternate sessions)

You will learn how:

-to pick a language and set realistic goals

-to choose learning methods

-to build a psychological connection

-to find time to practice

-to build confidence and get over the fear of making mistakes

-to approach native speakers (and not be embarrassed!)

You’ll leave with your own customized learning plan so none of this stays theoretical, and you can start speaking!

Cost: $229

Payment accepted via PayPal (ask me for account info) or my GoFundMe.

Stop fiddling on DuoLingo or spending hours upon hours frustrated, afraid to talk to that cute waiter in Portuguese.  Or wishing you could work abroad in France.  Learn how to learn a language, and have a lifetime of culture, of business opportunities, and adventure at your fingertips.

Because nothing sounds as good in translation.  Just ask the Catalans who watched me talking about Judaism in their language– after just one semester of learning it in America.  Or the thousands of people who’ve heard me in Yiddish, in Hebrew, in Arabic, or in Spanish.

Are you ready to learn my tricks of the trade and get speaking?  Join me!

Author: Matt Adler - מטע אדלר

A compassionate multilingual Jewish explorer. Author of "More Than Just Hummus: A Gay Jew Discovers Israel in Arabic": & Join me on my journeys by reading my blog or following me on Facebook May you find some beauty in your day today. :)

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